The Destination

Getting Ready Once used as sleeping quarters for the Dairy Workers, the Bridal Quarters provide ample area including separate dressing rooms and a lounge nooks for the bride and her wedding party to spend time preparing for the excitement that is forthcoming. The majority of the flooring in the Bridal Quarters is repurposed from an old gymnasium, and the large windows provide ample natural light for photos. The Bridal Quarters provide direct access to the Haymow Room through a large double door entry.

Usually the guys come pre-dressed, but there is a special place called The Quarters for Men where they can get away while the guests arrive. A separate deposit required for use of the Wedding Party Quarters and The Quarters for Men.

Photo Ops The property is a local favorite year-round for photographers shooting family, graduation, engagement, and wedding photos. The exterior of the Barn is clad in narrow lap wood siding and is painted red. The main entrance of the barn faces southeast with hanging gables. At ground level, paired six-light windows flank the main entrance. A non-contributing metal grain storage bin, constructed after 1948, is adjacent to the southwest corner of the Barn. There is a red antique Farmall tractor that has found its home on the northwest end of the barn. Typical of dairy barns, a row of regularly spaced six-light windows is located on the sides of the barn. A ground floor sliding door is positioned on the southwest side. The adjacent property holds another historic barn with weathered siding that is the perfect backdrop for photos.